Disney World Wedding During Coronavirus Pandemic - Part 3

Disney World Wedding During Coronavirus Pandemic - Part 3


Welcome to the Mickey From The UK Disney World Wedding Series, where we share some of the details and experiences planning our Disney World wedding from the UK. We walk through some key aspects of why we are doing it, and answer reader questions as we go along our journey. Keep in mind Disney change their policies, prices and packages regularly, our experience described here is correct at the time of our booking from 2018 to 2020.

Disclaimer: This article was written on March 15th. We are not experts in any of these fields and all information provided is perspective based on any sources provided. For the most up to date information on the coronavirus (Covid-19) please visit the UK government or the NHS websites.

While this wasn't the original plan for part 3 of this series, it seems like a good time to talk about possible disruptions caused by the current Coronavirus pandemic.

As the Coronavirus situation escalates and Disney close their parks until the end of March (don't hold your breath they're going to be reopening April 1st), many people are heartbroken over their upcoming Disney trips being cancelled. Coupled with Trump's decision to ban UK and European flights to the USA, Disney and Tour operators are overwhelmed with guests trying to cancel or rearrange trips. While our trip and wedding is not until September, I did reach out to our Disney wedding team, which along with the whole travel industry, are being bombarded with customers questions.

As you can imagine, they're addressing each wedding date in event order and working with couples individually to find a suitable resolution. While nobody really knows how this Coronavirus pandemic will turn out, it's unlikely travel is going to open up until we're past the peak (which governments want to extend for good reason), otherwise the elderly and vulnerable that will need hospital care can get it. While currently Disney is set on reopening on April 1st, as far as the wedding team is concerned, weddings starting from that date are currently due to take place.

As with all destination weddings, there are many moving parts. Not only do we have the wedding side of things - which the majority is through Disney, aside from photographer, videographer and officiant - so having one point of contact for the supply of our wedding is a boon, but we also have the travel aspect. Not only do we have our travel to consider, but also the travel of our guests. All our guests have put down deposits with various airlines and packages, so depending on how all this works out, it could be quite the reshuffle.

There are many different situations that could cause issues. What if Disney is closed but flights are back on? What if the flight ban is still in place but Disney reopens? Luckily, we did get wedding insurance before most vendors stopped selling it altogether when this virus got worse, so financially we'll be mostly fine, we'll just take it month by month to see what the governments do to combat and deal with the virus, along with what Disney end up doing. The plus to this is Disney will want to open as soon as possible, and not a second afterwards.

Although I'm personally not particularly worried at this stage, and even looking at government models where flattening the curve could not see a dip until summer, our health and reducing the spread is more important. Remember, you can help to flatten the curse and help the burden on the NHS over the coming months by washing your hands, get out of the habit of touching your face, and not having any unnecessary personal contact.

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