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How Long To Stay At Disney World?

Decide how long you want to stay at the Walt Disney World resort. Read our guide to choose how long to stay at Disney World.

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How long you should stay at Disney World will depend on which of the below best suits you.

If you're staying at a Disney World Resort hotel

The answer to this question depends on your budget. Some people can only afford to go for a week, and a week can be enough time to do the majority of Disney World, but it will feel rushed and require careful planning. 2 weeks is the good sweet spot, as it allows you to do it at a bit more of a relaxed pace. 3 weeks at just Disney World is bliss, and it does give you time to the explore surrounding areas.

Staying for 2 weeks allows you to take advantage of our half day Disney world tip! Do a park in the morning, go back to the hotel for some rest or a dip in the pool, then spend the afternoon and evening at another park. Believe me your feet will definitely appreciate this!

It is very hard and extremely exhausting to try and do a whole park in a day, ideally you need at least 2 days per park. The perk of staying in a Disney hotel is you can go back to the hotel after a certain amount of time, chill out, and go back later, at no extra cost. Staying outside of Disney doesn't give you this luxury, which leads us to...

If you're staying outside of Disney World

If you're staying outside of Disney World, you're most probably looking to explore the other theme parks and attractions Orlando has to offer. We believe you should allocate at least a week for the Disney parks, so if you're looking to go to Universal, do some shopping etc as well, at least 2 weeks would be needed to have a fulfilling holiday.

Our dream holiday is staying for 3 weeks - 2 weeks in a Disney hotel and enjoying the Disney parks, then staying a week outside of Disney to do the surroundings parks and do some shopping. Of course for a lot of people, 3 weeks is totally out of the question, due to budget and being able to get that amount of time off work, but nothing beats it.

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This article was posted on 21-Feb-2017
Last edited on 26-Feb-2017
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