Is The Disney Dining Plan Worth It?

Is The Disney Dining Plan Worth It?


Usually, the answer is yes. But it does depend on a few things. Firstly, the Disney Dining Plan is broken into 3 different plans. The Quick Service Plan, the Dining Plan, and the Deluxe Plan. (Try not to get too confused over the naming). Each of the dining plans offer a variety of the following 4 different dining options.

Table Service

The table service credit is used for 'sit down' waiter/waitress service meals and buffets. It can be used for table service breakfast, lunch or dinner. A table service meal includes an entree, dessert and a non alcoholic drink.

Quick Service

The quick service credit is used for 'counter service' meals, where you order food, and then take it to a table to eat. It can be used for breakfast, lunch or dinner. A quick service meal includes an entree and a non alcoholic drink.


Snacks can be redeemed anywhere you see the dining plan icon. They can be used on drinks, cookies, popcorn, Starbuck's, and much more.

Refillable Mug

You get a refillable mug for the length of your stay, too. These can be refilled with hot and cold drinks for each day of your stay. Keep in mind that they can only be refilled at your hotel, and cannot be refilled in the parks. These usually cost around $20 for a 2-week stay to buy, so its nice that it's thrown in.

The amount of credits you get are based on the number of nights you're staying. You get an allocated number of each credit and each time you use one it's taken off the total which you can see on all your receipts. For example on the middle dining plan you get 28 credits for a 14 night stay - you don't have to use 2 a day you can use them whenever you wish.

The Quick Service Dining Plan

Each night of your hotel stay, each guest receives:

  • 2 Quick Service Meals

  • 2 Snacks

  • A refillable Mug

  • The Dining Plan

    Each night of your hotel stay, each guest receives:

  • 1 Table Service Meal (with alcoholic beverage if over 21)

  • 1 Quick Service Meal

  • 2 Snacks

  • A refillable Mug

  • The Deluxe Plan

    Each night of your hotel stay, each guest receives:

  • 3 Table Or Quick Service Meals (with alcoholic beverage if over 21)

  • 2 Snacks

  • A refillable Mug

  • If you booked at the right time, and took advantage of Disney's offers and deals, you may have got Disney dining included in your holiday. But if you didn't, you can purchase the dining plans separately, and we still think you should.

    For 2019 stays, the prices are:

  • Quick service plan is £37.99 for adults and £15.99 for children per day.

  • Dining plan is £54.99 for adults and £18.99 for children per day.

  • Deluxe plan is £83.99 for adults and £28.99 for children per day.

  • Those prices at first glance, especially over a 2-week holiday, really do look like they add up - and they do. It's not cheap to eat at Disney. But the Dining plan has one thing going for it, and that's convenience.

    Your dining credits are loaded on your magic band. All you have to do is scan it, and be on your way. No messing around with cards or cash. (Except for tipping but once you get the hang of this it's easy!) One of the hardest things to budget for is food, and with the dining plan it completely negates the need to do so.

    If you don't each much, or don't always go for the most expensive things on the menu, then maybe the dining plan is not for you. You can get more than your money's worth by ordering the expensive items on the menu. (Which usually means you'll be eating a lot of steak or seafood). The best way to work out if its for you, is look at a couple restaurants you'd like to visit, take a look at the things you'll probably order, and just work out how much it'll cost from the menu. Don't forget to add on breakfasts and snacks too for an accurate comparison.

    Which Dining Plan To Go For

    I think the standard dining plan is a must. There is only a relatively small extra cost to go from the quick service to the standard dining plan, but the value is much greater. On the quick service, you can only eat at counter service food places. And even though Disney have opened up more recently, the variety and quality isn't fantastic compared to the restaraunts. With the standard dining plan, you get a table service credit which gives you access to the range of their fantastic sit down restaurants.

    The deluxe dining plan offers a lot of food. A lot. 3 table service meals a day is probably more than you can handle, and for most people it will be. That's not even taking into the account how much of your day is eaten up. But you have to keep in mind that this option is available because there are a few restaurants at Disney World which require 2 table service credits. These tend to be the higher end character meals, and the fine dining experiences. If you have the taste for higher end food, and you want to visit the multiple credit restaurants, the deluxe maybe for you. Don't forget you'll also end up spending more on tipping if you eat at more table service restaraunts, especially the expensive ones.

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