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Is the Minnie Van Service At Disney World Worth It?

We take a look at the Minnie Van service at Disney World share our opinion on whether it is worth your money.

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Disney announced in July 2017 that (in partnership with Lyft) they were starting their own taxi service at Disney World. Some feared this was the start of phasing out the free park buses with paid transportation. However, it's more like monetising the impatient guests. We find often at the end of a glorious long day we get the bus stop and see a huge queue and quickly opt for a taxi. Disney wanted in on some of that demand so started the Minnie Van service—in true Disney style! The service started out only available to club level guests and the deluxe resorts, but soon expanded to cover other resorts. Now, you see them driving around everywhere on property!

What Is It?

The "Minnie Van" is usually a Chevrolet Traverse SUV, which can fit up to 6 passengers in each. It also has room for 2 car seats for children. They do have some vans that are wheelchair friendly, you'll have to specifically request those.

How It Works

Download the Lyft app on your phone and create an account. When you're logged in and at a resort or location that supports the service, you'll have the option to order one. The Minnie Van will arrive and take you anywhere on property you'd like to go—just like any other taxi service!


The service started out at $20 per trip (one way). However, in February 2018 they increased the price from $20 to $25. Whether this is due to high demand or them simply thinking it's worth more, only Disney knows. The cost is a flat fee of $25 wherever you want to go on property. Tipping isn't required, but drivers can accept tips should you desire.

Price Premium

You can hop around property using Uber's for less than half the price of this service. However, you're paying the premium for:

  • Driving in the unique Minnie Van itself

  • They are driven by Disney employed and trained Cast Members

  • Uber and other taxis usually can go to front of the resort, Minnie Vans can go further in

  • Can go right into Magic Kingom (explained below)

  • Is It Worth It?

    For the price conscious guest, this probably isn't worth it. As I've said, you can hop around property for much less using Uber—or even Mears (not taking into account the free bus transportation, of course). For others, I'd say the majority of the time it's still not worth it. You can get a luxury Uber car for less. However, the novelty of riding in one of these Minnie Vans may well be worth it for you. It's fun, that's for sure!

    There is one scenerio where they are worth it 100%. And that is if you're travelling to Magic Kingdom from your resort. I'm sure many of you know the struggle of waking up, heading to your bus stop and seeing a massive queue of people waiting for the Magic Kingdom bus. This is where Minnie Van shines. Unlike Uber and Mears taxi's—who can only take you to the ticket & transport centre—the Minnie Van can take you directly outside Magic Kingdom where the buses drop you off. And depending where you're staying, Magic Kingdom is usually the resort farthest away, so the Minnie Van makes that much journey quicker.

    Airport Trip

    They also announced one way trips to Orlando International Airport for $150. You can use a Minnie Van to travel to or from Orlando International airport. Is it worth $150? Not in our opinion. Although it may take a little longer, we really enjoy taking the magical express when we fly into Orlando International airport. If the magical express isn't for you and prefer private transfer, you can order premium taxis (including Uber Select) for the same journey in much more luxury for the same or even less money. You don't get the dotted cars, of course.

    This article was posted on 18-Feb-2018
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