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Our Top 3 Worst Disney World Restaurant Experiences

Disney World have a pretty good track record on restaurant experiences, but here are 3 times they were not up to par.

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Disney are known for their top quality service. But it can't be perfect 100% of the time. Here are our top 3 Disney World restaurant bad experiences.

1. San Angel Inn

San Angel Inn is located in the Mexico pavilion at Epcot. We ate there on our first night a few trips back. After a very long flight and a little jet lagged a dark relaxing restaurant is usually good place to start. It started when our waiter took our drinks order. He seemed a bit blunt and in a rush. (Perhaps he was overworked?) We ate our way through the nachos pretty quickly and finished our drinks. By this time we wanted some more and some refills–he was nowhere to be seen. When he did finally show up, he took it all away and we placed our order and asked for some more nachos. 20 minutes later our food came and it seems he had forgot our nachos. Our drinks were empty yet again and no sign of him again to get or ask for refills.

As for the food itself, it wasn't very nice. I've been a few years prior and it was rather enjoyable, but we didn't really enjoy it this time. We let our feelings known that it was okay, just not great. He didn't seem to care and walked off. Once again asked for refills we've yet to have.

It's a shame because it's such a beautiful and relaxing restaurant, the service and the food just don't match up.

2. Rainforest Cafe

People generally have mixed reviews about Rainforest Cafe (I personally prefer T-Rex anyway), and I somewhat agree its not a very high standard but it'll do. The Volcano's are rather delicious though! We had a reservation one night on our last trip and we were sat by the kitchen entrance. So throughout the night we had staff member whizzing past us all the time, but it was fine. What bothered me though–is about half way through the meal–a staff member hit my chair as he walked past. He didn't stop to apologise, he just carried on.

2 minutes later, the same happened again. This time the lady who it did it did turn and apologise.

2 minutes later, it happened again. The guy said sorry and carried on.

2 minutes later... you get the picture.

After 5 hits (which is being incredibly patient if I say so myself) our waitress came over and asked how our food was. I said the food was fine, but i'd love it if the staff members walking past wouldn't continually kick my chair. She said she was really sorry about that, and then left. A few minutes go by and I felt a little strange. I didn't feel the vibration of my chair getting kicked. I looked behind me and there was a manager stood over by the kitchen door. It seemed she was watching as staff members walked past our table.

About 5 minutes after that a different manager came over and and introduced himself, shook my hand and said he had heard my complaint. He apologised. He asked if we would like to move, I said there's not much point now as we just ordered desert. I like this seat (we were right next to the elephant), I'd just rather not get kicked. He apologised again and told him to let me him know if it happens again.

We didn't get offered anything, if you were thinking that while reading this. Which is a bit wrong not to even offer for any restaurant, especially a Disney property one. I would suggest you avoid seats where staff members are walking past a lot, and ask to move before you start your meal.

3. Planet Hollywood

We used to love Planet Hollywood at Disney Springs. They had their incredibly length refurbishment and now they're open for business once again. And in my opinion, its much worse. We usually have the big rack of ribs, and they were always our favourite ribs on property. We had the ribs the most recent visit, they were dry, fatty and really not very nice. And what's even more funny, is the price had been increased! They served the ribs on this bench thing, too, and it really was not a pleasant experience.

It wasn't just the food that made it make this list, it was the waiting process. I explained it the recent review, but I've pasted it below.

" So, we waited at the check-in desk at the bottom of the stairs, and once checked-in we were then directed up the right hand side of the stairs. At the top of the stairs there was a queue. We get into line. But, I notice people holding blue tickets - I had an orange one. I waited a little bit, but then decided to head over to the the little desk on the left with a cast member and ask if I should be waiting in this line. She tells me to just wait by this desk and we'll be seated shortly. Fair enough, good thing I asked! I'd also like to point out at this time the music is very loud and I could barely hear her say that. Maybe I’m just getting old?

We stood next to the desk for a bit and the cast member was using the microphone calling out names. The quality of the speakers they used were awful. You couldn't understand a word she was saying, and the music in the background didn't help either. Each time she read out a list of names I just went back over and flashed my ticket to see if that was me.

When it finally was us, we were told to go up the second floor and we'll be seated. We go upstairs, take a quick gander at all the props, and then we reach another queue at the top. Another queue? Awesome. We wait until we're at the front, and we're told to take a step to the side and wait for our table to be ready.

By this time I'm already getting a little annoyed. We've waited at the check-in deck, went up the stairs and got in line for a little bit, found out we didn't need to be in there. Then we were told to wait by the desk, then told to move upstairs, to wait in a queue, to them wait by the desk to be seated. (And I'm a guy who's happy to wait 2 hours for Flights Of Passage if he has to).

The two cast members sat at the desk were having a bit of a chin wag to themselves, but the cast member who saw us to our table was friendly enough. We were sat down and given some very dirty menus. Lovely."

Sadly, a once yearly restaurant visit has turned into never going there again.

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This article was posted on 03-Feb-2018
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