Thoughts On The New Unlimited Halloween Party Pass

Thoughts On The New Unlimited Halloween Party Pass


Just before the first night of Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween party, Disney released a new 'Party Pass' which allows you to enter every Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween party except for October 31. The price for this pass is $300 + tax.

My train of thought after seeing this news was:

  • Wow that's going to be popular with locals, then:

  • Wait a minute this sucks, then:

  • Oh wow ticket sales must be down this year

  • Disney CEO Bob Iger on Disney's recent earnings call stated (along with saying they'll be no more price increases any time soon) that attendance was down (at Disneyland California) due to annual pass black out dates, and guests generally staying away from the parks due to expected high crowds from Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. They expect the same for Orlando. It's rather amusing the assumption of high crowds has resulted in lower crowds.

    So, this means less people heading to the parks, as well as generally negative reviews of the party in 2018. So, not only are some people hesitant paying $70+ for a party that is being oversold, coupled with generally lower attendance, appears to result in lower ticket sales.

    We went to 2017's halloween party and loved it, we went again 2018 and was sorely disappointed. We weren't the only ones disappointed by 2018's parties, but it does appear to have left some bad tastes in people's mouths.

    I am not a fan, nor do I plan on compensating Disney, for overselling these parties. So we decided to skip the party for 2019. By no means do I think the Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween party is a bad party. I still tell people to experience if they haven't already when I get asked. The party itself is great, it just appears Disney have just continuously been increasing the amount of tickets they sell for the event. Which for me, makes it not worth the time or money. You can only really experience a fraction of the Halloween offerings on most party nights.

    With the introduction of this new party pass, it does throw a spanner in the works. Firstly, it's great for locals who can pop over to a Halloween party whenever they desire. However, it's not yet known if there is a limit on how many of these passes they will sell, and on the really busy party nights, having floods more party pass people is going to make the crowds even more unbearable. If a Halloween party night has sold out, they will still let party pass guests into the party.

    On the flip side, the introduction of this pass feels like a last minute decision, and I think they don't expect any of the Halloween party nights to sell out, so they might not be expecting it to be an issue for this year.

    We're going to wait to see what the reports of the crowds are over the next couple weeks before deciding to go the party again. We currently plan to skip it due to last year's being a disappointment. Remember though, if you haven't been and think of taking your children for the first time and you're on the edge, I still believe you should do it. It's a great experience, just have reasonable expectations you won't be able to do all of the Halloween these activities.
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