Worried About Coronavirus And Your Disney Holiday?

Worried About Coronavirus And Your Disney Holiday?


Disclaimer: This article was written on February 28th 19:48, and last updated February 29th 08:41. We are not experts in any of these fields and all information provided is perspective based on the sources provided. For the most up to date information on the coronavirus (Covid-19) please visit the UK government or the NHS websites.

There are lots of misinformation on the internet coupled with scaremongering headlines from the media just itching for your click. While this coronavirus is very serious, please be wary of things you read on social media. Get the most up-to date news from the UK government or from established media like the BBC.

We've had many messages from people worried sick about what impact of this virus spread will have on their upcoming Disney World holiday, especially as Disney has closed all their parks outside of the US and Europe. I personally wouldn't say I'm worried yet, but I am expecting there will likely be some disruption if the warm summer arrives and the spread of the virus doesn't stabilise. Especially as we're getting married at Disney World in September 2020.

Should you cancel?

If you have heart issues, diabetes, cancer, lung issues, a heavy smoker, immune system issues, over the age of 60, or travelling with an infant, then you should contact your GP to get advice whether you should travel at all. People with these issues and people in these age groups are at a very high risk of serious complications if they catch this virus.

You know yourself and your family, and you have to do what you think is best, but keep in mind...

Would travel insurance cover me if i cancel?

It is highly unlikely travel insurance will pay out unless the destination you're travelling to has been declared by the UK government as essential travel only. Insurers and airlines generally take their advice from UK government travel advice. If Disney World closes, then your insurance should pay out. If your airline decides to not fly you but Disney World stays open, your ATOL protection (if you have it) should get you on another flight, but if that's not possible, your insurance should kick in. Some airlines have said that if flights are cancelled due to this virus, they may allow you to reschedule.

You will not get refunded if you choose not to go. You will not be compensated by insurance unless the government declares that travel to Florida is essential only. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) is advising against all but essential travel to mainland China. So, if you had a trip planned to China, your insurance (as long as you are properly covered) will reimburse you. If the FCO hasn't issued a warning, that means you can't expect compensation if you get cold feet and decide to call the journey off.

Firstly, make sure you actually have travel insurance. Secondly, check the small print, or ask that you're fully covered if UK government tells you not to travel due to this virus.

"But I'm so worried!"

At this stage, don't worry too much until there is something to worry about. The priority is your health and your health risks. I know Disney holidays are a big deal to many of us, and the thought of not going can be heartbreaking, but remember, catching this virus even if you're in good health can still be rough, and you risk passing it on to people who may not be in such prime health. Also remember that Disney is a multi billion dollar company and every day a park is shut they're losing millions, so they will do all they can to stay open.

Mentally prepare for the possibility that your trip could be cancelled. However, there's no point calling Disney or your airline and asking now because the government has yet to put restrictions on travel. Prepare for the worse and hope for best. Just make sure you have proper insurance and keep an eye on the UK government advice (linked below) and try to avoid clickbait media scaremongering headlines.

And remember, personal hygiene! Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, avoid touching your face, and use hand sanitiser when you can't. (You should be doing this anyway, especially with amount of people before you touching the railings and everything else.)

For more information, check out the links below.
- BBC: Coronavirus: Your rights as a traveller
- Coronavirus (COVID-19): UK government response
- Latest NHS info on the virus

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