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We review the new Disneyland Hotel at Disneyland Paris.

Disneyland Hotel Review - Disneyland Paris Disneyland Hotel located at Disneyland Paris is advertised as "impeccable 5-star service and unrivalled Disney hospitality" and "more than a hotel, your royal fairy tale", and that "Disneyland Paris has raised the bar for the ultimate luxurious vacation". We put all that to the test!

Overall we had a fantastic stay, but of course, there are a few nitpicks. Most of the nitpicks are easily fixable and shouldn't put you off a stay, but we're going to be honest about our thoughts and experiences during this stay, and hopefully, when we go back, we'll be able to remove the nitpicks in this review.

We'll take you through our experience of our two-night stay in the standard (superior) king room at Disneyland Hotel to help you see if it's right for you. For reference, this is our first ever stay at Disneyland Hotel - we never stayed here previous to this renovation.

✅ Walt Disney World levels of magic. The most "magic" I've ever felt at Disneyland Paris
✅ The hotel is absolutely beautiful, the photos don't do it justice - the ambience is relaxing and elegant
✅ The two restaurants serve some of the best food at Disneyland Paris
✅ Seeing roaming princesses is amazing to see and adds to the atmosphere
✅ The rooms are excellent with very comfortable beds, plenty of pillow choices, and good amenities
✅ The cast members are some of the best and enthusiastic cast members at Disneyland Paris
✅ You can't stay closer to Disneyland Park unless Disney ever let you pitch a tent on Main Street
❌ Luggage service is a little hit-and-misss
❌ Housekeeping services hit-and-miss, didn't get turn-down at all as advertised or items replenished
❌ Some rushed and unfinished paintwork with some room quirks like the TV behind the glass/mirror has too much glare, so it's unusable

Disneyland Hotel Check In Process

When you pull up to the hotel, cast members come right to the car to greet you. They take your bags and suitcases away before you even enter the hotel. We were given our ticket for the bags and then told our bags would be in our room waiting for us, a very good start to the stay indeed! There's no cramming your own suitcase through the security scanners here.

When you enter the lobby you're taken aback by the beauty of the interior and then a second later you notice the gorgeous scent that fills the lobby. You look up and see the beautiful castle chandelier hanging above you.

Disneyland Hotel Chandelier

You're then greeted by a well-dressed cast member who welcomes you and shows you to the reception area. The check-in reception is on your left, just past this beautiful Sleeping Beauty Castle artwork.

Disneyland Hotel Sleeping Beauty Castle

The standard check-in comes first, and the deluxe check-in is just after that (with two tables and chairs) if you're staying in one of the deluxe rooms. The check-in was a bit hectic with no real queue system and people just stood around waiting to be seen. After a couple of minutes of looking around (as all cast members at the desks were seeing to guests) one cast member came over to us and asked how he could help. We said we'd like to check in and he walked us over to one of the desks.

The cast member who checked us in was called Clement, and he was great! He welcomed us and amusingly asked us off the bat if my partner and I slept in the same bed. Curious to see what the follow-up question would be, we said we do. It turns out he wanted to offer us a king bed, which we accepted. He then handed us a beautiful little book that is full of information about the hotel. This book is a really nice touch and a beautiful little keepsake.

Disneyland Hotel Book

He then told us our royal story was about to begin! He handed us our Magic Passes and told us that our room would be ready at 3 pm and we'd receive a text and email with our room number. We checked in around 11 am so we decided to explore the hotel and then go into the park for a few hours. The Magic Passes were beautiful and the new designs and materials used are lovely.

Disneyland Hotel Magic Pass

Dedicated Entrance

A perk of staying at the Disneyland Hotel is a dedicated theme park entrance into Disneyland Park. It's located on the right as you walk towards the park from Disney Village. This was previously the Annual Pass holder entrance. However, while the dedicated theme park entrance is nice, it closes at some point in the afternoon. On a couple of occasions, there was only a single entry point open and it was a long line. If you stay at the Castle Club level you do get a dedicated elevator down to the parks as well.

Disneyland Hotel Entrance

Exploring Disneyland Hotel

The hotel is stunning, there's no doubt about that. We stayed up late one night to get some photos of an empty lobby. It really is breathtaking, especially late at night when there's nobody around. Disney did a fantastic job.

Disneyland Hotel Lobby

Disneyland Hotel LobbyDisneyland Hotel LobbyDisneyland Hotel LobbyDisneyland Hotel Lobby

After we checked in we went straight up the royal staircase to explore upstairs, as you should!

Disneyland Hotel Stairs

There is beautiful artwork dotted around in the libraries which you should absolutely spend some time exploring and checking out.

Disneyland Hotel ArtDisneyland Hotel ArtDisneyland Hotel ArtDisneyland Hotel Art

During the day there's a little show down by the royal staircase where a princess will come out and take photos with guests. This happens every couple of hours and is a really nice bit of entertainment for the guests. It's not overly busy when this happens and it's a really nice and intimate moment a few guests can have with a princess. We caught two shows and one featured Belle and the other Cinderella. Both the little shows are a bit different depending on the princess due to come out.

Disneyland Hotel Belle

Disneyland Hotel cinderella

The royal staircase is not just for Disney's princes and princesses though! The cast members at Disneyland Hotel will be happy to walk your little prince or princess down the royal staircase as well - I love that they do this.

Disneyland Hotel Walk

As you walk through the hotel you can look down at Disneyland Park. For so many years I've seen these walkways above and actually being in them finally looking down is so weird. The walkway goes past a beautiful little throne for a photo as well as as artwork and sculptures to look at as you pass through. There's plenty of seating along the way if want a little sit down and enjoy the atmosphere.

Disneyland Hotel Shop

You'll be greeted with the shop on your left for Disneyland Hotel goodies. Of course, we treated ourselves to some trinkets. As I already said, the lobby smell at Disneyland Hotel is gorgeous so we had no choice but to buy the spray and candle to take home. I'm very glad we did, I'm sitting here smelling it now as I type and it's gorgeous.

Disneyland Hotel Merch

After you keep walking down you'll get to a big open beautiful room with a dome-like ceiling above you.

Disneyland Hotel Dome

Here you will find the main two restaurants - Royal Banquet and La Table de Lumiere - and the Fleur de Lys bar & lounge. We experienced all three of these offerings during our stay. First, let's talk about breakfast.

Disneyland Hotel Breakfast

Breakfast is served at the Royal Banquet restaurant for all guests staying in a superior room and costs €45. If you're staying in a deluxe room, you'll eat breakfast (which is included with the cost of your stay) at the D-Lounge opposite and down the hallway a few meters from Royal Banquet. If you're staying at Castle Club, breakfast is also included with your stay and served in the Castle Club lounge with princess meet and greets. The standard breakfast at the Royal Banquet does not include characters.

I assumed Royal Banquet was a character dining breakfast because it was priced at €45, but it's not. We weren't the only ones there who thought that either! The breakfast itself is pretty standard, but you're definitely paying a premium with a €45 price tag without any real justification that we could see over the €20 breakfasts at the other hotels, at least in terms of the food. It was troublesome to get hold of our server to get more coffee, but overall it was a pleasant breakfast but for €90 for the two of us we'd make other breakfast plans in the future now knowing there were no characters.

Disneyland Hotel BreakfastDisneyland Hotel BreakfastDisneyland Hotel BreakfastDisneyland Hotel Breakfast

Disneyland Hotel BreakfastDisneyland Hotel BreakfastDisneyland Hotel BreakfastDisneyland Hotel Breakfast

Disneyland Hotel BreakfastDisneyland Hotel BreakfastDisneyland Hotel BreakfastDisneyland Hotel Breakfast

Disneyland Hotel BreakfastDisneyland Hotel BreakfastDisneyland Hotel BreakfastDisneyland Hotel Breakfast

Disneyland Hotel BreakfastDisneyland Hotel BreakfastDisneyland Hotel BreakfastDisneyland Hotel Breakfast

Disneyland Hotel BreakfastDisneyland Hotel BreakfastDisneyland Hotel BreakfastDisneyland Hotel Breakfast

Fleur de Lys

Fleur de Lys is the bar & lounge located inside the Disneyland Hotel. It was previously known as Café Fantasia before the reimagining. It's a lovely comfortable lounge with friendly cast members, the theming throughout is very nice and fits nicely into the new overall Disneyland Hotel theming, but you're paying a tasty premium for this lounge as the drink prices are quite high.

Fleur de Lys

While you would expect a premium to enjoy drinks in this magnificent hotel and lounge, this is more of a premium than I thought there would be, especially when some of the drinks are just standard and for sale elsewhere across Disneyland Paris at half the cost. At least for us (which of course won't apply to everyone and the people this Disneyland Hotel is largely targeted at) isn't a place we can hang over for long periods as it would get very expensive just after a couple of rounds. However, we really enjoyed our second round of French 75 and Espresso Martini, and if we ever go back would go for those drinks.

To see our full review and all our photos at Fleur de Lys, see our article Fleur de Lys Review.

Royal Banquet

Royal Banquet is a character dining buffet experience. It's currently only open to Disneyland Hotel guests for dinner but is open to all other Disneyland Paris hotel guests for lunch. It costs a hefty €100 for adults and €50 for kids. It's an absolutely beautiful space with incredible artwork across the whole restaurant with a good range of food that's perfect for seafood lovers. It's the best character dining experience at Disneyland Paris and never felt rushed like our experience at Plaza Gardens, but at €100 it's one of (or the) most expensive Disney character dining restaurants ever.

Royal Banquet Mickey

Overall Royal Banquet was a positive experience. The restaurant itself is absolutely stunning and the servers were polite, funny, and on point. While the food definitely leans more into the seafood side of things, I found there to be enough to eat and enjoy as a non-seafood eater. What stands out here is the restaurant itself and the characters in their unique royal outfits.

To see our full review with photos of the Royal Banquet, see our article Royal Banquet Review.

La Table de Lumiere

La Table de Lumiere is the one and only true fine dining restaurant at Disneyland Paris. It's a prix-fixe three-course menu (although technically five courses) that costs €120 for adults and €60 for kids. Without question the best food at Disneyland Paris. The menu is fantastic with a wide range of different options to suit most tastes. The restaurant itself is themed very well and incredibly elegant and it's one of the best and unique dining experiences I've ever had at any Disney restaurant. I don't think €120 is particularly overpriced for this experience, especially if you love meeting princesses. Finally - for better or for worse - you have to stay at Disneyland Hotel to eat at this restaurant, which makes it very expensive to experience it.

La Table de Lumiere

La Table de Lumiere was an incredible Disney dining experience. The restaurant itself is beautiful and elegant and there's nothing else quite like it. While there was an initial sticker shock at the price of this dinner, I honestly don't think the price € €120 is outrageous for this experience. Incorporating your own royal story into the meal alongside the prince and princesses is perfectly fitting for the Disneyland Hotel's overall theme and it carries through beautifully here.

To see our full review and photos of La Table de Lumiere (including trying the €150 Disneyland Hotel exclusive champagne), see our article La Table de Lumiere Review.

On With The Show...

You can keep walking down the hallway to get to the West Wing Rooms, kids club, royal encounter, fitness centre, and the pool. We didn't have the time to experience any of this but we had a quick look at the pool and it seems like it's always quiet.

Disneyland Hotel Pool

Our Disneyland Hotel Room

Around 230pm we were super excited to get into our room when they were released at 3 pm, so we returned from the park and sat in the lobby and enjoyed the ambience and atmosphere of the hotel until that time. 3 pm came and went and we had yet to receive any text or email, so we just chilled out for a while longer. It got to 330 pm and we decided we waited for long enough and went to the reception to get our room number. The friendly cast member wrote down our room number and we were ready to go. There appeared to be quite a few people hanging around the reception asking for their room numbers as well, so hopefully that's an issue that can be easily fixed.

We walked through the beautiful hallways which smelled of fresh carpet until we got to our room, room 3120.

Disneyland Hotel Room 3120

We entered our room and were taken aback by how nice it was. The rooms are beautiful and elegant. While this sort of decor is not my thing, I liked this very much.

Disneyland Hotel RoomDisneyland Hotel RoomDisneyland Hotel RoomDisneyland Hotel Room

The room was a nice size and never felt cramped with ample storage space and robes you can enjoy. Remember you can take home the slippers! The mini-fridge is full of complimentary soft drinks and most importantly, the beds were super cosy and soft, on par with the Disney Cruise Line beds for comparison. There's even a pillow menu!

Disneyland Hotel Pillow Menu

Disneyland Hotel RoomDisneyland Hotel RoomDisneyland Hotel RoomDisneyland Hotel Room

There are lots of Disney touches including artwork on the walls. As you can see we had Raya art in ours. There's also a beautiful Tangled-themed mirror on the desk in the corner and a super fancy coffee station.

Disneyland Hotel Coffee

As you can see our room is not the standard shape and layout, partially because it's a king room and partially because it's one of the end corner rooms. We had no view here, the room just looked out onto a mountain of mud, which didn't bother us.

Disneyland Hotel Mirror

The bathroom was lovely as well. There are good amenities, super soft towels, and powerful hot shower, and an amazing seven-dwarves-themed mirror. There's even a bidet! The only nitpick about the bathroom I had was the shower glass door doesn't fully open due to the towel heater in the way and the mirror isn't a stream-free mirror which I'd expect at this price point.

Disneyland Hotel RoomDisneyland Hotel RoomDisneyland Hotel RoomDisneyland Hotel Room

Disneyland Hotel Video Walk-Through

To see a walkthrough of our room check out 1-minute room tour view either on Facebook Reel or Instagram Reel.

Overall we were very happy with the room. It's elegant, well-designed, and the beds were super comfortable. We slept like babies! The nitpicks we had with the rooms were:
  • Our luggage wasn't in our room when we got there like we were told it would be. We tried to call down to luggage using the phone in the room, but it was constantly busy. So I walked down to luggage assistance in the lobby and let the cast member know our luggage was not in our room, he said he would bring it up right away, which within 10 minutes he did.
  • A few room niggles like the bathroom door not closing properly and also rushed paintwork in quite a few places. There's split dried paint on the bathroom floor and some of the paintwork on the walls looks incomplete and badly done.
  • Disneyland Hotel has a new style of TVs behind the glass that was first introduced in Art Of Marvel, but you can barely see them as there's so much glare.
  • Housekeeping didn't refresh our water bottles or milk in our coffee station as they did at our last stay at Disney Hotel Cheyenne (the milk was probably an oversight), and there was also no turn-down service on either night which is advertised as a feature of all rooms in this hotel.

Disneyland Hotel Summary

There's no getting around this is a very expensive hotel, but there's nothing quite like it. For 2024 stays, the standard (superior) room ranges from £750 to £1500 a night. Deluxe rooms can be £300+ a night more, and Castle Club doubles that. A part of me thinks that if you have young kids who'd love to dress up as princes and princesses and meet the characters (and they do make a bigger fuss over the dressed-up kids) you'll forget what you paid in those moments.

If money is no object for you this is an easy recommendation, which I imagine is largely who this is targeted at. It's the best Disneyland Paris has to offer, without a doubt. For the rest of us, it can be hard to justify the cost, but it's an incredible hotel and a Disney hotel experience like I've never had. Would I do it again? Yes, but probably only on off-peak dates. I would be tempted to do a night or two here and just spend the entire time enjoying the hotel, and then move to another hotel for a couple of nights to do theme parks. This was a Valentine's Day & Anniversary surprise treat for my fiancée (that I get to enjoy as well of course) and I think this might be something to do as a treat for a special occasion celebration, rather than just somewhere to sleep while visiting Disneyland Paris theme parks.

Expectations are high at the Disneyland Hotel, not just because it's marketed as the Disneyland Paris crown jewel, but because it's priced inviting that high expectation. You can argue that it's priced to perfection, and when it's not perfect, you'll see some of the (fair and unfair) criticism of the hotel online. There are (and will be) teething problems during any reopening period, and while I accept there's an argument to be made they shouldn't be open unless it's running smoothly, I believe the people working there are doing what they can and I didn't bump into any cast member who wouldn't go above and beyond. The cast members at Disneyland Hotel are some of the best Disneyland Paris has and they genuinely do what they can to make your stay as magical and smooth as possible.

The nitpicks we had with our stay are mostly easily fixable. Maintenance needs to go around and check the paintwork in the rooms, more housekeeping is needed as they're either being rushed or have not been fully trained yet, the bottled water not being replenished, the coffee and milk not being replenished, and no turn-down service which is advertised for all rooms not happening, needs to be addressed, as well as the luggage situation being managed better. Yes, you can call down housekeeping for these things, but you shouldn't have to be chasing it up at a 5-star hotel.

Disneyland Hotel Final Words

I will be revisiting Disneyland Paris sometime in the future and when I do, I will update this review and hopefully see all these nitpicks I had addressed and have another magical royal stay, I'm looking forward to it already!

Overall the hotel is magnificent and it was genuinely the most "magic" I've ever felt at Disneyland Paris (with the 30th Disney D-Light drone show coming a close 2nd). We're taking Walt Disney World levels of magic here! The cast members we interacted with were all fantastic. The nitpicks should be fixable in time but I still recommend a stay here taking them into account. I think it's worth saving and having a couple of nights here, even at off-peak times to bring the cost down, especially for a special occasion. I think when you stay here you should make full use of the hotel. It almost makes you feel you're wasting your time going to the parks, if that makes sense. I would do a split stay with a couple of nights in another Disney Hotel (Santa Fe, Cheyenne, etc) to do the parks and then a couple of nights here to finish and spend the time relaxing and enjoying it (and popping into the park a little bit as well of course). At the end of the day, I don't have buyer's remorse staying here which I thought might happen, we had an amazing time and hopefully be able to do it again soon.

Disneyland Paris Booking Guide

If you're looking to book a hotel and ticket package (and make your own way there) book your stay through DisneylandParis.com by clicking here. If you want to book a package that includes transport (for example, ferry crossing, Eurostar etc) book your stay through Disney Holidays UK by clicking here.

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For more Disneyland Paris reviews, see our Disneyland Paris Reviews page.

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