Magic At Sea - Review By A Disney Newbie

Magic At Sea - Review By A Disney Newbie


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I was incredibly fortunate for Ash (the owner of this lovely little Disney blog) to invite me on the first public Magic at Sea Disney Cruise on the 15th July with him. A dream come true, it turned out. I've not been to a Disney park since I was a child (for reasons I'll touch on later in the review), so to say I've been deprived would be an understatement. I know the readers of this site will gasp at such a Disney newbie, but I now have no choice but to put that status behind me.

Before embarking on one of the most magical holidays a girl could have, the nerves kicked in. I had no idea what I was letting myself in for as a Disney adult newbie, let alone what was to come on a ship traveling down the middle of the Irish Sea. Although the purchases of many pairs of ears and a Winnie The Pooh rucksack did turn some of those nerves into increased excitement, I was ready!

On the first glimpse of the Disney Magic I felt what could only be described as butterflies. It was such a beautiful ship with Goofy at the stern painting the way for the Disney magic to begin. For a while, I managed to contain the child-like excitement until we were greeted by captain Mickey and Minnie in the Atrium… just wow!

The inside of the ship was filled with chandeliers and decor that looked like something from a Disney princess fantasy every little girl dreams of, the colours of blue and gold throughout the ship with Disney artwork on each and every floor.

As first impressions go, I was sold! Each and every corner we turned, and floor we climbed, there was something else for my inner child to get excited about. I was soon put at ease and all those nerves leading up to the cruise were gone. Everyone, including the passengers, was so friendly and welcoming. I was a little worried about looking silly in my ears, even though Ash told me numerous times I would fit right in with the Disney crowd. Those nerves went out the window when I saw the ship was filled with a lot of Disney adults who were embracing the Disney magic and admiring each others ears and Disney attire.

When I arrived at Animator's Palate, I was in awe. The restaurant was filled with incredible decor from Disney animation sketches on the walls and screens, and even on the server uniforms! The ceiling was a colourful paint palette with paintbrush pillars holding it all together. The magic really began when Mickey appeared on our screens bringing our own personal drawings to life and we became part of the dinner show.

We were incredibly lucky with our timing. Once dinner was over and we made our way to the top deck where unbeknown to us we were about to be part of a send-off I will never forget. People from Liverpool came to wave us off from the dock on our voyage - but then the moment happened that will quite possibly stay with me forever. The captain made his announcement we were ready to leave, the anticipation was building, and then, I heard it for the first time - the horn. Now, The sound of When You Wish Upon A Star came bounding out of the Disney Magic horns, and I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and my eyes filled - with happy tears of course. The fireworks and confetti canons saw us off to sea and we were on our way.

The Atrium was always buzzing with activity. On approach, I could feel my excitement building as to which characters were going to be there and who was going to be making an appearance today. From Thor, Black Widow, Captain Marvel to my all-time favourite Disney princesses. I was never disappointed. I found a whole new love for Daisy and Donald, Or "The Ducks" as I often referred to them. On every encounter we had with them they were full of personality and interaction with all the passengers on the ship. Characters would be playing imaginary catch, hide-and-seek, and always up for entertaining everyone nearby. Meeting Daisy and Minnie Mouse on Marvel day may have just fulfilled a childhood dream the two ladies being so sassy and managing to pull out some killer poses ready for our selfies.

On our first full day on the ship, I was overwhelmed with how much was available on the ship, especially for adults. The game shows, activities, appear and waves, etc. We actually struggled to fit everything in as we did not want to miss a thing. Although the Cinema was showing both Cruella and Black Widow there was just too much excitement aboard the ship for us to get a chance to watch them. We managed to squeeze in as much as possible including an animation class where we learned to draw Minnie Mouse herself, and I have to say I was quite impressed with my final drawing.

Rapunzel's table was just like walking into the movie itself with the floating lanterns hanging from the ceiling, and the decor is perfectly designed to meet the expectations of anyone who has ever watched Tangled. I found myself saying "oooo" a lot, and all the details that made the restaurant such a fantastic venue. During dinner, an appearance was made by Flynn Ryder and of course Rapunzel (as it was her birthday celebration after all). I did have to hold myself back from singing along though as I'm sure the table near us wouldn't have appreciated that.

Freezing the night away with Anna and Elsa - Now being a rather big Frozen fan this was part of the cruise I could not wait for. Although I did not join in with the dance along (I felt I better leave that to all the little princes and princesses), Anna, Elsa, Sven, Christoph, and even OLAF (I was very excited to see Olaf), made the Frozen magic come to life finishing off with Let It Go with bubble-like snow coming from the ship making such a memorable moment for me.

Our final full day on the Disney Magic was jam-packed. I did not want to miss a thing. I think at this point I realised I was hooked and from now on my holidays may have to all involve a sprinkling of pixie dust.

From Mouseketeer Madness to Sarge Says, every nook and cranny of the ship was filled with activities and encounters for everyone, and I mean everyone of all ages. I was rather chuffed with myself whilst sitting in Cove Cafe having rather yummy salted caramel and coconut latte, I heard a hive of excitement so quickly grabbed my phone and went to find out what was going on. Due to it being our last day at sea Mickey, Donald, Daisy, Minnie, and Goofy were all making appearances during the day. To my surprise, I was faced with Captain Mickey and Sailor Donald. Brilliant! What a great way to start the day!

BINGO may have to be a highlight. Although not specifically Disney related, the cast members made it fun and interactive for everyone involved. However, growing up I may have played some slightly different rules (usually a line, two lines, and full house). Not on this occasion though! There's corners, crosses in the middles, and just B and O columns. I may have had a little moan this wasn't proper Bingo until I was the first winner of the game taking home $96!!!!

Our final night and final meal was hosted in Lumiere's. Beaty And The Beast is a classic Disney princess movie that I have watched since I was a child and still watch to this day. Belle meets Beast, not her typical type but she gives it a go, they are serenaded by singing crockery and then they fall in love and live happily ever after. What girl cannot love that film? The restaurant - just like the film - was classical and elegant, with a beautiful mural from the film on the back wall. There were even chandeliers with the glass rose through the middle of the restaurant. The food and service were fantastic, and an incredible ending to an already magical holiday.

The final Disney Dreams show summed up this whole experience for me, capturing iconic Disney music and characters helping one girl believe in herself and make her dreams come true. Although I don't want to give too much away for those who have not yet seen this show I may have squealed with excitement a few too many times when certain characters made their appearances in the show - it just kept getting better and better.

I've always been told Disney wasn't for adults, and I started believing that for a long while. The Disney Magic was full of Disney adults enjoying the excitement and enjoyment onboard. There was so much to do just for Adults, one of which we were lucky enough to do which was the Champagne tasting. An hour learning about the history and process behind the making of champagne as well as tasting a few of course.

Having never cruised and not having had a Disney experience in the last 20 years, my mind is blown. There is so much more I could say about the cruise as there are endless stories and memories but all I can say is I am so grateful I got to have experienced the magic that is Disney as an adult and there is no turning back now :)

Ash's edit: You're welcome Disney, for another paying customer!

You can read our main overall review of Magic At Sea by clicking here.

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