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Star Wars Dessert Party Review 2017

We review the Star Wars dessert party at Hollywood Studios. We share our views on the experience and whether it is worth the money.

Star Wars Dessert Party Review 2017

We review the Star Wars dessert party at Hollywood Studios. We share our views on the experience and whether it is worth the money.

The Star Wars dessert party takes place most nights at Hollywood Studios. Your night begins by heading over the Launch Bay where a pop up reception desk awaits you. You check-in with the friendly and excited cast members just outside the main entrance (you'll clearly see the signs). You'll be given a wristband and get told where to go.

The dessert area is inside the Launch Bay itself. If you have ventured in there, it is opposite the queue for the Star Wars character meet and greets. The dessert area is taped off until it's ready for the dessert party to begin. When it's time, you're allowed in and greeted with standing tables, a massive serving station, and most importantly - a bar.

At some point during the night (usually when you enter) you will be given a "souvenir Star Wars novelty". We got a Chewbacca stein (which is very cheaply made), but I believe it is Captain Phasma for 2018.

Food & Drink

All of the food and drink were Star Wars themed. There was items like Darth Vader cupcakes, BB-8 Lemon cake, R2 D2 Vanilla cupcakes, Cheddar and Green Olive Sabers, as well as some savoury snacks and breads. There is also a frozen nutella service - which was delicious and a big breading pudding to indulge in.

As for drinks, there is unlimited soda, coffee and juices you can enjoy. There are cans of coke and bottled water, which means when its time to go, you can bag a few.

For the adults, there is a all-you-can-drink bar. The downside to this little bar is there is only one guy serving, but they serve 4 Star Wars themed alcoholic cocktails. (This is where I get my money's worth.) They were all delicious, but the Galactic Punch was the clear winner.


The overall atmosphere was good. I felt like everything was a little more premium when comparing to the Happily Ever Dessert party (where the food is served on those big metal eyesore trollies that looked like the ones you had in your primary school). However it did have a more cosy and quiet feel rather than people talking loud and shouting too much. One of the highlights is of course the Stormtroopers who would randomly pass through every now and then. They dont stop for long, so you have time to maybe grab one for a selfie, but that's it. I believe with the theming of the food and drinks, the random Stormtroopers interactive and the majority of guests dressed in Star Wars attire really does give it a good Star Wars feel, not one you really get anywhere else.

You get about an hour and a half in here to enjoy your drinks and desserts before being escorted to the outside viewing area.

Viewing Area

As we mentioned in our Happily Ever After review, it's tough to get a really good viewing spot due to all the trees. However, the area used for the Star Wars fireworks was fantastic. The area is right in front of the Chinese theatre with no obstructions whatsoever. This really is the best viewing area in the house. It is also amusing to see people who didn't take part in the dessert party to try and get into this viewing area and being told they can't. At the viewing area, there is a cast member with loads of bottles of water you can help yourself to (we took quite a few at the end).

The Price

For 2018, the price is $79 for adults and and $45 for children (up to age 9).

Worth It?

I think value for money, this is much better value than the Happily Ever After dessert party. Even though a lot of the draw to that is watching Happily Ever After not squashed up next to someone, and you may get people who don't like Star Wars just writing this off, but you get a lot more bang for your buck (especially alcohol drinking adults) than at any other dessert party.

For the price, we get our money's worth from the cocktails alone. The going rate for cocktails on property is about $10-$15, and these cocktails are actually made by the barman, they're not in pre-made containers. Put that with all the food you can eat (which is no better or worse quality than the desserts at Happily Ever After), the Star Wars stein (which is about $10 to buy), random Stormtrooper fun, and the best seats in the house for the Star Wars fireworks, we think it's well worth the cost. For Disney's standard, it's actually pretty reasonable overall.

The dessert party says tax and gratuity are included, however people (perhaps out of habit) were tipping the barman a few bucks. I suppose there's nothing wrong with throwing the barman a buck or two for a little extra rum in your drink!

The downsides to this dessert party would include there not being enough tables and nowhere to sit down. I don't mind there not being any seats, but it's something to consider if you're someone who needs to sit down. It would be tough to put more tables in that area, but more tables are needed. It did feel a little cramp at times. You are sometimes right next to people, but not enough where you're falling over them. I would suggest as soon as you go in for someone to grab a table, save it, and take it in turns going up to get your food and drinks.

Top Tip: Go in and get the table on the far left, it's right next to the bar!

Us on the bus excited for the Star Wars party ahead!

The eating area

The outside waiting area and more seating during the party

Stormtroopers incoming!

Stormtroopers incoming!

Food selection

Selection of desserts

The massive delicious bread pudding

The cocktail menu

Getting our money's worth in cocktails

The fireworks viewing area view

Our score at the end of the party

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Our Score 4.5/5

Is it worth the money?
If you drink, yes!

Would we do it again?
Yes, every year!

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This review was posted on 07-Jul-2018
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