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Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Adventure - Disney Wish Restaurant Review

Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Adventure - Disney Wish Restaurant Review

Quick Summary: Front row seats to an incredible meal and experience, only slightly tarnished by a rude interaction with Anna. Phenomenal talent and a great dinner show overall. Our favourite of the cruise!

There are three rotational dining restaurants on the Disney Wish. The first one we visited was "Worlds Of Marvel", and the second was "1923". The final one we experienced was "Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Adventure". We ranked this one 1st of the three restaurants onboard for both the food and overall experience.
Be a part of the world's first Frozen-themed, theatrical dining experience as you're magically transported to the enchanting Kingdom of Arendelle aboard the Disney Wish.

Queen Anna and Kristoff are celebrating their engagement and have invited you, their honoured Guest, to join them. Behold festive musical performances from Elsa and Olaf as you devour hearty Norwegian-inspired cuisine made by Oaken himself. It's a dinner worth melting for!

As someone who isn't particularly a huge fan of the Frozen movies, this meal experience was (mostly) incredible. Aside from one very rude cast member (Anna) interaction, the meal was delicious and the show was incredible.

The restaurant is absolutely beautiful and so well-themed! There's artwork, busts, and props everywhere. The amount of care and attention given to this space really shines.

We were presented with the best seats in the house! Front row seats to the stage and a massive 6 people table for 2!

And this was our view of the stage.

I will say though that the centre part of the restaurant is well spread out with most tables being able to see the show. But towards the back, there are some hefty pillars with tables behind where guests would undoubtedly not get a good view. What was slightly amusing is we could hear the table next to us (a table of 6 with 6 people of mixed staterooms) bickering over why we got a huge table and front-row seats. If I knew the answer to that I'd do it every time! We all get a bit of Disney magic here and there in different ways. Although keep in mind you do have the same table number in each of your restaurants for each night of your cruise, our seats in 1923 and Worlds Of Marvel weren't particularly good, so there isn't one specific table number which is good for all 3.

I apologise in advance because once again the lighting in here is not kind to cameras. Here's our menu.

We ordered a couple of cocktails to start the evening off! Both were very good and strong.

Our Viking Loaf With Roasted Onion Dip bread service arrived! Wasn't a huge fan of the dip but there was butter so it was all good.

To start we had Elsa's Royal Baked Scallops. It was very tasty, and the pastry was lovely and flaky, but there were only two scallops in there! We also had the carrot soup, which was divine!

For our mains, we had the rib-eye, chicken breast, and a portion of meatballs to try! The rib-eye was good, maybe a touch too gristly but enough good meat on there to enjoy. The chicken was nice but nothing incredible (but then chicken is chicken), and the meatballs were a little odd but enjoyable, well worth a try! Beats the Ikea ones that's for sure.

After finishing our main course we were presented with the dessert menu.

We ordered the butter cake with almond meringue and the apple cake. The butter cake was really nice, and for me, the apple cake was the highlight of the meal. The cake itself, the caramel sauce, and the ice cream were all so delicious! And this is coming from someone who isn't really a dessert guy.

The entertainment for this restaurant was absolutely incredible. I cannot rate the entertainment high enough. The talent across the entire show was top-notch. After the first part of the show, I went to the bathroom and on the way back I bumped into Oaken (yoo hooo) he was tip-toeing towards the backstage area. I was Disney bounding as Donald Duck that night and he looked at me and said in his accent "hmm you remind me of someone". I just laughed and got caught up in the moment I couldn't think of a reply.

While I was in the bathroom Esla popped over to the table and talked with Lorna. She thanked us (even though I was absent) for coming. We didn't expect the characters to come to the tables but it's nice she went to a few tables and thanked us for joining in their celebrations.

In between the shows Anna, Elsa, and the rest of the cast would travel to the stage and stop for random chats which were really nice and felt more genuine like they were travelling somewhere and not just rushing to the stage if that makes sense.

As I said, the main show was incredible! I won't go into details but from start to finish I was thoroughly entertained and loved everything that happened on stage.

The absolute highlight of the show was the violinist playing "Into The Unknown" in the show finale. I was completely blown away by the performance and the thunderous applause he got afterwards was like nothing I'd seen at a dinner show before. Watch the clip below if you've not seen it yet.

The show is supposed to end with an appearance of an animatronic Olaf, sadly, he didn't come out to play. While I was a little sad, I was so blown away by the violinist still I didn't mind.

The only bad experience I had with this meal is with the interaction with Anna and Kristoff. Unlike Elsa who popped up out of nowhere earlier in the meal (who was great), we were watching Anna and Kristoff visit the tables opposite us. We weren't expecting them to make it around to us, but we weren't eating and were just watching them interact with the other guests. They were spending a good 15-30 seconds with each table. Talking to them, guests snapping photos, and then moving on. They both did arrive at our table and begin to thank us for coming to their celebration. Now, I'm not a huge fan of face characters in general as I find it a little awkward at times (I much prefer playing charades with Pluto) so I just sort of grabbed my phone and asked "can I get a quick photo of the happy couple". Anna replied abruptly to me and said "no", grabbed Kristoff's hand and walked off. I was just stunned. I'm not sure if she misheard me and thought I asked if I could get a photo with them, which I know full well they were not doing. I saw other guests taking photos of them and with the lighting behind them from our table I couldn't get a good shot so thought I'd be polite and ask for a photo rather than a conversation- something cast members are good at reading. I'm not sure if they're not officially allowed to pose for photos, if that's the case, that's fine, it was just a really rude way of going about it. That entire interaction happened in like 5 seconds. I was completely stunned.


This was absolutely our favourite meal of the three restaurants onboard the Disney Wish. My all-time favourite still has to go to Animator's Palate (Disney Magic, Disney Dream) but had the Anna incident not happened and Olaf turned up, it would have been really close. Really close.

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  • Our Score 4.5/5
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